Dust 514 beta access for PlayStation Plus members tomorrow

Dust 514 DLC screens

The ongoing Dust 514 beta will be open to PlayStation Plus members as of tomorrow, August 22nd, CCP have said. The Mercenary Pack DLC will also be available.

Dust 514 Beta on PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus members joining up for the online shooter will also be able to access the Dust 514 Mercenary Pack, a large discounted DLC bundle that CCP say contains £40 worth of gear for £7. The PS Plus offer is described as an “exclusive event” and will end on September the 5th.

CCP recently announced the opening steps to integrate Dust 514 into to EVE Online, the ship-based PC MMO. Players from either game will eventually be able to interact across platforms to arrange contracts, talk and shoot each other via orbital strikes and planetary installations. The first step towards that is the ability to call in airstrikes from an AI controlled war barge, a big ship that’s been hanging over battlefields hopefully since the beta started. War barge: your moment is now.

CCP has also explained more about the Dust 514 Neocom app on PS Vita, a companion utility that lets you buy gear, organise and communicate with the world of Dust and EVE away from the main game.

Thanks EU Blog.