New GTA 5 screens arrive. Seem to confirm ‘old guy’ as the playable character

[Update: Here's all the new GTA 5 info and all the new GTA 5 screens.]

Rockstar have posted some new GTA 5 screens apparently confirming the old guy from the trailer as the/a playable character.

New GTA 5 screens

Getting a bit CSI on the jet screen (alright, playing with the contrast a bit) shows up what looks suspiciously like the older character who narrates the GTA 5 trailer. This guy:

There’s been little  news since Rockstar’s annual finical calls revealed GTA 5′s release date and platform where still TBD. Although the GTA viral marketing seems to have begun with an old GTA: San Andreas site recently getting an update that pointed to a Twitter feed.

Click on to see the rest (and this one without the bubble).