Dragon Age 3 survey allegedly leaks story info, gameplay details and characters

Dragon Age 3 Leaks

A Dragon Age 3 survey has reportedly leaked information about the unannounced BioWare RPG. Participants were asked to rate how appealing they found story and gameplay elements, character designs and even possible names for the game.

Dragon Age 3 info leak

Some of the most striking information to emerge surrounds the game’s plot. According to the survey, Dragon Age 3 sees Orlais, a large and powerful empire, plunged into a devastating civil war while the world itself teeters on the edge of collapse. Players assume the role of ‘The Inquisitor’, a character who is part of a movement to uncover the secrets of this chaos and banish the mysterious forces manipulating events and attempting to tear apart the fabric of the world.

Dragon Age 3 LeaksA member of the BioWare Social Network forums related an alternative account of the game’s synopsis – which they claimed to have translated from a German-language version of the survey – that even divulged gameplay details. Apparently, players will have the option to play as a warrior, rogue or mage and will lead a force of up to ten companions, whom they will be able to use in order to spy on, expose and destroy enemies. Players will also be able to engage in political warfare by manipulating their contacts in order to bring light to the dark corners of conspiracy.

The same forum member also maintained that the questions on their survey referred to online and co-op modes, special finishing moves and a focus on making crucial in-game decisions. Of course, it would be wise to take this alleged information with a pinch of salt – a logo also doing the rounds today has already been confirmed as fake. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for any new information and will post updates as they become available.

A summary of users’ experiences, complete with screen grabs of the survey and more character designs (two of which were shown previously at a Dragon Age panel during this year’s PAX East), can be found on the NeoGAF forums.

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