Beyond: Two Souls Gamecom gameplay. Cage says industry needs to “grow up”

Beyond: Two Souls has had seven whole minutes of gameplay footage shown off by Quantic Dream’s David Cage, who has also spoken about the current state of the gaming industry, saying it needs to “grow up”.

Beyond: Two Souls at Gamescom

“How many first person shooters can you make? How many monsters/aliens/zombies can you kill in games?” Cage asked in an interview. “We need to grow up.” According to Cage it’s part of what he calls “the Peter Pan syndrome” which he describes as “the fact that we don’t want to grow up, so we stay kids. But there is a moment where you need to grow up as an industry. I think we should have more courage and take more risks, because I think this is what the industry needs now.

Like Heavy Rain before it, Cage is pitching Beyond: Two Souls as an interactive drama first and a piece of entertainment second. He’s previously stressed that the focus was on giving players an emotional experience. “I am not interested in giving them fun,” he said.

The footage shows off the powers of main character Jodie Holmes’ ghostly friend Aiden, who can drift unseen through the physical world strangling people, possessing them to make them do murderous things, or pushing things over on top of enemies to protect her. Like grown-ups do.

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