Gamescom 2012, Sleeping Dogs review and Remember Me: PlayStation round up

Gamescom 2012, Sleeping Dogs and Remember Me are mere drops in the frothing ocean of PlayStation happenings this week – your handy weekly PlayStation roundup tames that ocean like a Poseidon made of words. Links are his trident.

Weekend essentials 139: Make Hong Kong your playground on PS3 this weekend and catch up on all the news from Europe’s biggest game show.

Great games coming to PlayStation Mobile: get a taste of the fun-packed games you’ll soon be able to download to PlayStation Certified devices and PS Vita from PlayStation Store.

PlayStation Plus goes big at gamescom 2012: play more and pay less – even more great value has been added to the bargain-rich PlayStation Plus service.

10 of the Best: PS one Classics: with PS one Classics coming soon to PS Vita, check out some of the finest games already available to download to PS3 and PSP from PlayStation Store.

PlayStation stars come out to play: three familiar heroes return to impress at gamescom 2012.

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Declassified hands on: what it feels like to play COD’s stripped-down Vita multiplayer shooter.

LittleBigPlanet at Gamescom 2012: a roundup of all things LBP at the Cologne mega-conference.

Ratchet & Clank: Q-Force unzips PS Vita support and competitive mode: production director Stuart McCabe talks you through R&C’s latest offering.

Remember Me sticks in the mind at Gamescom 2012: the skinny on Capcom’s decidely interesting new IP.

‘Heads Up’ game store update 15 August: PS One classic Alundra and a demo of Dragons Dogma are the highlights this week.

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We put Square Enix’s slick open world surprise to the test in our Sleeping Dogs PS3 review.

Death comes up trumps in our Darksiders 2 PS3 review.

We discover how The Last Of Us is redefining videogame morality and unveil new Last Of Us screens from Gamescom 2012

We get to grips with Agent 47′s online multiplayer in our Hitman Absolution Contracts hands-on

Exciting news from Shuhei Yoshida: Gran Turismo 6 is coming soon, says the Sony boss.