The Last Of Us’ actor: “There’s not a person who hasn’t lost sleep or sweat blood over this game”

We’re pretty confident that The Last Of Us is going to be a game changer upon release, but for its two stars it’s already had a profound effect on their lives. Speaking at a behind-closed-doors session at Gamescom today, Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson – who play lead duo Joel and Ellie respectively – gave us an in-depth look at the performance capture process and the impact that learning about their characters has had.

The Last Of Us: “Joel taught me things about my life”

“Joel has impacted my life, on both a physical level and an emotional, cognitive level too,” said Baker. “Learning about Joel has taught me things about my life, even from a physical standpoint. Growing up I was a skinny kid who always got picked on – Joel being this tough character made me want to change that, so I started going to the gym and training. It’s cool to have a character have that kind of impact on you. I wanted to feel stronger, I wanted to feel tougher, I wanted to be more of a survivor.”

The Last Of Us gamescomAnd the intensity of the game’s scenes and the heavy nature of the subject matter has also affected Johnson: “Some of the stuff we captured was very intense. I mean, to the point where a week later I’ll still be in a bad mood and in a wreck. But it’s all been for a purpose…it’s not just there to make a statement, there are good reasons for why these scenes are in there.”

She also says she has “bruises at the end of every session”, while Baker affirmed: “There’s not one person working on this game who hasn’t lost sleep, who hasn’t sweat blood over it.” Like we weren’t excited enough already.

We’ll have in depth look at The Last Of Us tomorrow with more interviews, more behind closed doors content and more.