The Last Guardian team solving “technical issues”. Still in development for PS3

In an interview at Gamescom Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that The Last Guardian is still in development and will be coming to PS3.

The Last Guardian still in development

According to Yoshida there have been “technical issues” to solve. Apparently the development team have been, “working on it very hard. Looking from the outside, doesn’t seem to be making much progress. But internally there is a lot of work going into creating the title.”

This extra work is the result of the technical issues being “much harder to solve”. The game was at one point playable which is why Shuhei says, “We prematurely talked about the launch window”. But the problems required the, “engineering team to go back and re-do some of the work they had done”.

One thing Yoshida insists is that The Last Guardian is still a PS3 title and won’t move to PS4. Development head Scott Rohde previously stated The Last Guardian will “ship when it’s absolutely ready”. That, combined with an E3 no-show, lead to speculation that the game could skip this generation all together.

The Last Guardian’s trademark also recently lapsed although that’s not as disasterous as it might sound and means little overall. Although Sony’s American director of product publicity Ron Eagle still came out to say, “We can confirm that The Last Guardian is still in development”.

Basically it’s coming. It’s definitely being developed, it definitely coming out. Eventually. Probably.

Thanks Eurogamer