PlayStation Plus coming to PS Vita, save storage upgraded to 1GB

PS VITA PS PLus game save storageSony have announced that PlayStation Plus will be extended to PS Vita this year. They’ve also announced an upgrade to the currently available 150MB limit on the Online Game Save service. 

PlayStation Plus on PS Vita

There’s no date for PlayStation Plus on PS Vita other than “this year”, although there’s mention of, “various services which will become available exclusively for members” at that time. Whether that’s new stuff on the way or just ‘new’ in relation to PS Vita remains to be seen.

There is a date for the Online Game Save upgrade which will be happening in September. When that happens your storage limit will jump from 150MG to a 1GB. Presumably that’ll help out with all the extra save swapping resulting from Sony’s Cross-Buy’s initiative.

Thanks EU Blog.