FIFA 13 demo release date, new trailer featuring handstand shot

Fresh from its Gamescom debut, here’s the latest FIFA 13 trailer. In it you’ll see a bunch of new animations which EA hopes will “capture the unpredictable.” Yep, handstand shots like Ibrahimovic’s at 0.33 certainly rank as unpredictable in our book. Looks like there’s more skill moves, scruffy clearances and desperate lunges in the animation bank this time, too.

FIFA 13 demo and gameplay details


There’s a peek at the new skill games you’ll face before games also – replacing the simple one-on-one pratice mode that made up the “loading screen” sections in recent FIFAs. Shooting, crossing, passing and dribbling drills are all present and correct.

Excitingly, you’ll get match day updates from Alan McInally during your game and score rundowns from Mike West afterwards to keep you in the loop with events from other grounds. David Rutter also touted changeable player form in-game depending on real life performances, but as yet it’s unclear how this differs to the system that’s been in FIFAs for a while now.

There’s custom free-kicks (with two lay-offs), shuffling walls, Ultimate Team and more. The demo’s out on September 11th (the least PR-friendly day of the year), and the full game’s due on September 28th.