Spec Ops 2 release unlikely, “doesn’t look too great” says dev

Spec Ops The Line PS3 Review

Spec Ops 2 doesn’t look something that’s going to happen any time soon thanks to some disappointing sales, with a Yager dev saying, “it doesn’t look too great”.

Spec Ops 2 release looking unlikely

Jorg Friedrich, the design lead for the shooter, told Joystiq that, ”To be honest, it doesn’t look too great” when asked about sales for Spec Ops: The Line. Developer Yager do have “a large project” in progress but aren’t saying what it is or whether Take Two will be publishing again.

Spec Op’s attempt to stand out against the drone of other military shooters was to force players to make difficult decisions. The original idea being not to reward or punish players for what they did, but simply make them live with their decisions. Something Friedrich says was undermined by rewarding those choices with trophies, “I really regret that we had [trophies] on moral choices”.

Thanks Joystiq.

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