The Last Guardian trademark abandonment is a “non-story”. Game “still in development”

Reports of a recent change to the The Last Guardian’s trademark, now listed “Abandoned” are nothing to worry about according to sources. It’s probably fine. Probably.

The Last Guardian trademark abandonment

The trademark lapsed on August the 6th with the following message:

“Abandonment Notice! On Monday, August 6, 2012, status on the THE LAST GUARDIAN trademark changed to ABANDONED – NO STATEMENT OF USE FILED.

While that sounds severe it doesn’t actually mean that much with industry mystery man Superannuation pointing out that, “There is nothing stopping Sony from filing a new trademark registration for The Last Guardian, which I imagine they will do.” He also points out that Sony have until 2013 to “prove use in commerce” Essentially, according to Superannuation this is ”a non-story that means absolutely nothing”.

The final word, however goes to Sony’s American director of product publicity Ron Eagle. When asked about the trademark lapse he replied, “We can confirm that The Last Guardian is still in development, and [Sony] will be publishing the title”, mirroring a previous statement by Sony’s that “The Last Guardian will ship”.

The Last Guardian’s troubled life emerged when creator Fumito Ueda left Sony full time to continue as a freelance contractor. Despite Ueda’s tweets that it was “business as usual” a no-show at E3 wasn’t exactly encouraging.

Sources: Notice of abandonment, Supperannuation, Trademarkia & Venturebeat.