Starhawk Cypress map pack 1.03 Update live tonight: 2 new maps, new features and bug fixes

Starhawk map pack

President of Lightbox InteractiveDylan Jobe, has announced Starhawk’s first map pack update will go live tonight at 8pm. Features include increased level-cap, bug-fixes and two new maps.

Starhawk’s new maps

The news maps, Cypress Origin and Cypress Collider are set on the planet Cypress, the planet where rift energy was first discovered. Both maps are swampy, overgrown areas.

Starhawk map pack

Starhawk map pack

There’s also a bunch of new features including: extra prestige levels, new space homeworld “Waypoint”, team-balance fixes, a new voice chat system, Starhawk eject system, and loads more.

Full info over the EU blog.