Uncharted 3 1.13 multiplayer patch trailer explains the changes



Uncharted 3′s 1.13 multiplayer patch adds loads of new stuff, gameplay changes, modes and maps. Here’s a couple of Naughty Dogs to explain it all.

Uncharted 3 1.13 multiplayer patch changes

Here’s a quick rundown of the new stuff:

  • 28 head items that affect stats
  • New treasures to collect to unlock them
  • 50 new trophies
  • Two new legacy levels
  • Micro transactions let you buy stuff you can’t be bothered to earn. Some stuff can only be bought like the Jak google
  • 17 news taunts
  • Block Mesh Maps that will periodically change them
  • Tournaments. Get 10 tickets each week (more can be bought). Can earn new things by competing
  • Varrious gameplay tweaks to weapons, medals, co-op gameplay and more