Debate: does PS3 need Gran Turismo 6 or should it wait for PS4?

It’s debate time as Phil and Dave argue over whether we want to see Gran Turismo 6 on PS3 now, or wait a bit to see what PS4 brings. How patient are you?


Says car-collection obsessive, David Boddington

On the original PlayStation, Kazunori Yamauchi and Polyphony Digital saw fit to bless us with two incarnations of their “real driving simulator”. Then on PS2 we had two more GT games to see us through the lifecycle. This regular hit of automotive goodness has kept me going up until now, but it’d be a sad day if the supply suddenly dried up.

For me, it’s all about mega-satisfying credit grinding. Of course, I love the ever-slicker graphics, constantly evolving physics and increasingly lifelike tracks, but what keeps me coming back is my unquenchable thirst for new cars.

It’s nourishing for the soul to take a knackered old heap and spend your hard-earned digital dollar on turning it into a race-winning beast. It’s not even as though I like the competition. I’m happiest when I’m so far ahead of the AI that I can’t see them for dust. I even keep most of the settings on the equivalent of the inflatable barriers at the bowling alley. Yep, full-on ‘child’ mode.

What it really boils down to is collecting shiny new things, and then once I’m bored with them, trading in for a more interesting model. The Gran Turismo series has moulded me into this kind of gamer, so it’s no wonder that I now want a shiny new iteration of the game, complete with flying cars, the Batmobile or whatever other fresh fancies Yamauchi-san conjures up. And I shouldn’t have to wait for PS4 – I’m the best driver in the world (in my head). I’m entitled to it, right?



Says patient Gran Turismo 5 completist, Phil Iwaniuk

I’ve poured hundreds of hours into GT5 – I even did the sodding 24 hours of Le Mans – and there’s still a lot I’ve barely touched on. My B-spec driver can be bested by a chimp in a golf buggy, I haven’t finished my special licence, I still haven’t bought that insanely expensive old Alfa Romeo and I’ve had but the briefest of dalliances with the track creator. Are you really finished with it yet?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a Gran Turismo wish list as long as Peter Crouch’s onesie – motorbikes, more tracks, more customisation options, an improved management aspect à la Grid, to name but a few. But I don’t want them on PS3. I want them on a platform with the capabilities to take those ideas further than I’ve even imagined.

Driving games, maybe more than any other genre, depend on bleeding-edge tech to excite us. The track needs to glisten just right, the car needs to look 10% better than it does in real life, and the handling has to make us feel like Damon Hill on Mountain Dew. Is there really enough left in PS3 to motivate a whole new encyclopaedia of motoring? There are only so many cars in the world, and the motors omitted from GT5 and its DLC must be in single figures by now.

But imagine what that team of fanatics can achieve with the next platform and its increased graphical chops, higher memory and meatier processing power: shut up and take my money material, for certain.