Uncharted 3 1.13 patch is huge: adds new characters, weapon fixes and tournaments

uncharted 3 1.13 patch

Uncharted 3‘s had a huge 1.13 multiplayer patch which is ready to download now and preps the game for a host of additional content. The new stuff includes a shedload of new tweaks to the experience, extra characters have been added along with weapon fixes and a new tournament mode.

Uncharted 3 1.13 patch

Patch 1.13 will bring more than 100 new items and taunts to the game, including unique character items, new treasure sets and two new multiplayer characters, alongside a “laundry list” of other goodies.

One of the biggest changes is the introduction of the new ticket-based tournament system. Each week, players are given 10 free tickets to compete in tournament matches, with each match costing one ticket. Once all their freebies have all been used up, players must purchase more tickets if they wish to continue competing in the tournament. These can be bought in bunches of 10, 20, 50 or 200 from the PS Store. Purchased tickets never expire, meaning any leftovers can be used in future tournaments.

Along with new toys for players to get to grips with, Naughty Dog has also made a number of tweaks and improvements to the gameplay itself, fixing bugs and smoothing creases throughout the multiplayer experience.

The G-MAL, for example, has been tweaked to give it more recoil after the developers felt the handling was “too steady”. Similarly, the accuracy of the M9 during blind fire has also been reduced. Players will also be pleased to see a number of previously game-ruining issues fixed. Quitting a co-op mission halfway through will no longer count as a loss and make you forfeit any achievements acquired up until that point.

Additionally in ‘Marked Man’, if the marked player leaves the game mid-match, a new player is marked, rather than forcing players to quit and start afresh. The bug that caused gunfire to be silent when using a riot shield has also been fixed, and players can no longer teleport while holding the golden idol by throwing a smoke bomb. The bug that enabled players to remotely control turrets while hiding behind a shield has also been firmly stamped on.

The new content will be released as weekly downloads from the PS Store between August 15th and September 4th. Once downloaded, it can be unlocked either by reaching certain legacy levels or completing treasure sets. For those of you who are either too lazy or are otherwise unable to put in the man hours required, some items can be purchased from the Store through ‘mini-transactions’.

Not every item can be bought with money, however; certain items can only be obtained through putting in time, effort and straight-up dedication. And rightly so. Contrastingly, certain special items can only be purchased through the PS Store, such as the Jak goggles (of Jak and Daxter fame). Patch 1.13 also sees two new multiplayer characters joining the lineup: the demonic Jin and Spyder, the character created by Make.Believe competition winner Jeremy Gallant. Sypder comes with his own set of custom skins, weapons and six unique taunts.

Thanks Naughty Dog.