Far Cry 3 co-op gameplay trailer: unique characters & missions. Dubious Scottish accent



Here’s the latest Far Cry 3 co-op gameplay trailer, showing off the game’s unique co-op missions and characters.

There are four unique characters, one of which of course has a dubious Scoo-tash accent. It’s set 6 months before the main game’s story with these four characters tracking down an unknown target that stitched them up and stole some money.

Far Cry 3 co-op missions

The co-op missions are all specifically designed for multiplayer action with objectives that single players can’t accomplish alone – things like carrying explosives to blow up a bridge, leaving you unprotected as you hump crates under enemy fire. There are also co-op specific features, skills and levels.

While it’s all designed for multiple players, featuring the same team buffing battle cry system there are some competitive moments. The example shown is a sniper section where players compete for kills and points.