7 important lessons PlayStation games have taught us about space


Death is the end, unless you’re really, really important

Even though we never got to play the original on PS3, keeping our team of space-saviours alive through two games was tricky enough to cause a space-aneurysm in our space-brains. Almost every important character in the arching story leading to Mass Effect 3 can die based on your decisions, meaning once you lose Garrus on a mission in Mass Effect 2, the big lug won’t be around to help out in the sequel – no do-overs. The notable exception to this rule is Shepard himself, who can be exploded out of a burning space ship, fall through the atmosphere of a planet and crash to the ground, only to be patched up and running around good as new (albeit a couple of years later). The message here is clear: if you’re not saving the universe, the universe ain’t saving you.