Skyrim 1.7 update fixes water crash, preps Dawnguard PS3 release

The latest Skyrim 1.7 patch promises that it’s “fixed crash related to new water shaders” and also potentially hints at the release of the Dawnguard DLC on PS3.

The water bug was introduced with the 1.5 update and meant that dipping the camera below the waterline froze the game. The new update’s available on Steam for PC right now with Bethesda promising “details as soon as possible” on the PS3 version.

Dawnguard PS3 release

Interestingly it makes a point of mentioning, “Specific to PS3 players, features included in the 1.6 title update, including Mounted Combat, will be rolled into 1.7.” That’s possibly a clue to the impending PS3 release release of the Dawnguard DLC as notes for the 1.6 update state it adds, “support for Skyrim’s upcoming game add-on, Dawnguard”.

Bethesda PR boss Pete Hines recently tweeted there would be “info later this week” when asked about Dawnguard’s PS3 release.