Dishonored has two endings, ditched a power that let you be a flat 2D shadow

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Dishonored creators Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio recently hosted an Ask Us Anything over at reddit revealing loads of interesting things about the game’s powers and endings.

According to Harvey the most obscure idea cut from the game was a power that let you, “become a shadow, 2-dimensional, and slide along walls”.

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He also talked more about the progression system which he described as “multi-pronged”. In-game you collect coins to upgrade weapons and gadgets while collectible bone charms grant you “minor supernatural perks”, like the ability to posses rats longer. The main supernatural powers are unlocked and bought using runes. There was also mention of a new ability called Shadow Kill which reduces enemies to ash when you kill them

The Chaos System was also explained a little. This mechanism changes the world around you depending on how you behave. “For most players, the effects over the course of the game will be fairly subtle,” explained Harvey. “The mission checks the current level of Chaos so far and the following can happen: More pools of rats, more people with the plague (weepers), lines of dialogue/attitudes changed, additional scenes here and there, and different endgames. Things like the rat pools feel like ‘mid level gameplay’ as you say. Lines of dialogue are obviously a scripted reaction.”

Apparently, while there’s plenty of variation and gameplay options Harvey said, “There are two main endings,” adding, “but each has variations based on who lived or died.” Overall the game lasts 12-24 hours with the variance, “related to how directly you play (vs side quests, exploration, etc)”. He also confirmed again it’s possible to finish the game without killing anyone.