7 underrated PS3 shooters that deserved to sell more


Resistance 3

In many ways Resistance 3 is the highlight of Sony’s retro sci-fi epic – a more stylised and atmospheric installment that was happy to wear its influences proudly. A Grim infested town was a terrifying nod to Half-life 2′s Ravenholm, a ruined city recalled COD’s Stalingrad and a train chase had Modern Warfare written all over it. Rather than feel derivative it rippled with moments that powered countless ’did you see the bit when…’ discussions. It even made the interesting move of ditching the aliens for a large chunk, forcing you to fight a prison full of criminal survivors that showed a darkside to humanity that rivaled the Chimara. And, as ever, every weapon was amazing. The star being the mutator, a viral squirt gun that turned anyone it touched into a walking bag of pus.