Seven great moments in not-so-great games


Sniper Elite V2 – Counter-sniping

The close-quarter combat is dreadful, the AI couldn’t figure out a solo game of Cluedo and that X-ray bullet-cam is so over-the-top it actually made us feel guilty killing Nazis. But the actual business of sniping in Sniper Elite V2? Pure class. Never more so than when you’re peeping from a window across a courtyard or ruined street, about to make a run for it. You’re so close to the objective, and there’s no-one in sight – but something’s still off. Window by window, you check out the tumble-down Berlin skyline for the tiniest movement; the slightest out-of-place silhouette. And then you spot him: a German sniper, half-hidden in shadow, three floors up on the right. Without him ever knowing you’re there, you slot a .308 cleanly through his skull, watching in slow-motion as he crumples to the ground. That’s how it’s done.