GTA 3 heading to PSN this summer

To wet your whistle for GTA V‘s arrival, the PS2 classic Grand Theft Auto 3 will be arriving on PSN this summer. Still remember the tank cheat? Time for some nostalgic sociopathic rampaging.

It’s due to arrive stateside on Tuesday, July 31st, according to the US PlayStation blog podcast. Regional release schedules being as they are, we can expect to see the game pop up in the UK PSN within a few days after that.

This isn’t an HD remake, so don’t expect Claude to suddenly look all 2012, and there’ll be no trophies to collect. But come on – it’s GTA 3! Sure, you can count the polygons on-screen on one hand, but it should at least be enough to tide you over until number 5.

Rockstar is as ever keeping tight-lipped about the latest GTA, but did release new GTA 5 screens and a statement to fans recently to keep everyone updated.