FIFA 13′s David Rutter: “UI’s usability is something we need to look at quite hard”

FIFA boss David Rutter has addressed criticisms of FIFA 12′s awkawrd user interface, and vows that the series will do much better in this department with future iterations, starting with FIFA 13.

When presented with the fact that it takes no less than sixteen button presses to progress from one career mode game to the next, Rutter responded:

“Our user interface’s usability is something that in the future we need to look at quite hard. I can’t tell you the exact number of button presses that you’ll need, but it’s out there in the hallway so you can go and have a count if you like,” suggesting that FIFA 13′s menu systems have already benefitted from a bit of streamlining.

Rutter also attributed at least some of the fiddliness to online hackers:

“There are a lot of things going on in the game that, particularly for online, have been there to try to eradicate as much cheating as possible.

So some of the issues that your readers and writers probably feel around ‘why do I always have to download squad updates? Why’s it always checking my squad? Why why why… is because a lot of people were hacking the squad files and putting out amazing squads.”

But the volume of menu-hopping and button pressing in offline career mode comes down to processing time, Rutter continues: “it’s local. It’s just having to resolve a ton of data.”

The FIFA boss certainly wasn’t shying away from FIFA 12′s issues in terms of interface usability, concluding with a self-depracating: “we need to do a lot better in a lot of different areas.”

In the same interview, Rutter discussed the possibility that the future of FIFA may be download-only.