Future of FIFA will “quite possibly” be download only

Responding to speculation that EA’s Euro 2012 DLC might set the precedent for the FIFA series’ distribution model, FIFA 13 producer David Rutter suggested a service model as opposed to boxed copies was “quite possible.”

“It’s definitely something that as a company we’ve spoken a lot about in the past. So this idea of having a service – how the end game of that plays out I don’t know.”

Rutter continued by stating the positive to the Euro DLC pack might shape the FIFA series’ future: “Naturally something like Euro makes a lot of sense in a DLC context, the fans received it very well and it allows us to deliver it in a pretty competitive package.”

But if a download-only future’s on the cards for FIFA, you can expect at least one more boxed copy title before its implementation: “we’re not making a decision one way or another formally, we treat each thing as it comes… the team’s just focussed on making the best possible videogame they can.”

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