7 games that need PlayStation 4 now


Uncharted 4

There just isn’t enough room on PS3 for Drake¬†anymore. He’s reached a glass – or riveted metal – ceiling. ¬†Naughty Dog pushed the console to the limit with each installment and the uber-cinematic Uncharted 3 simply left now where to go. There’s no way a follow up won’t be on a superior machine. Of course another adventure starring Nate and co would work on PS3, but the constant evolution of the series has been to take player experience to greater heights and hit dangerous levels of heart-stopping action – electrocardiograph anyone? Moments of Uncharted 3 had us letting go of the analogue stick assuming a cut-scene had started, only to find Drake stopping in his tracks and waiting for our next move. If this isn’t promising for what’s in store next then I’ll eat my fashionably filthy half tucked-in top.