Jak and Daxter, Cole MacGrath added to PlayStation All-Stars roster

Jak and Daxter and Infamous’ Cole MacGrath have been added to PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale’s growing cast of playable characters.

Jak and Daxter will act as one character, utilising gadgetry and working together to trounce their opponents. Cole, on the other hand, appears in his Infamous 2 get-up, complete with the Amp – a crude yet powerful melee weapon that enhances his electrical powers. Cole’s fighting style will apparently incorporate both up-close-and-personal brawling and the use of his superpowers.

The inclusion of both fighters had been rumoured for a while, but confirmation came from SuperBot Entertainment’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend.

See the reveal trailer above to catch a glimpse of both newcomers in action.

Thanks, EU Blog.