Metal Gear Solid 5 logo shots: Did MGS 5 get shown at comic-con?

Triple update: Kojima has confirmed these screens are fake. 

Double update: There are appears to be some confusion as to the legitimacy of the images. Konami have claimed to have spoken to the hoaxer but have actually only spoken to the person who started the NeoGAF post. The original Reddit post is still without a source.  

Update: Konami have confirmed the fakeness. Stand down. 

New shots appear to show an Metal Gear Solid 5 logo and tie into tweets that Hideo Kojima was showing something at Comic-con. Was it MGS5?

Epic man Cliff Bleszinski started the rumours when he tweeted. “Just got pulled into a back room at Comic Con by @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN and showed some crazy new secret stuff. Wow.”

Now images have surfaced appearing to show the logo, The Diamond Dogs logo previous attached to MGS 5 artwork and and some subtiles. The subtile “Open Ground Reconnoissance Endeavour” does make the acronyme “OGRE”, as in top secret Kojim project Ogre. Other references seem to tie in to Outer Heaven and a ‘she’ that could be The Boss. Proof or elaborate hoax?

The additonal text reads as follows:

“The moment we were cast out of heaven we became monsters.”

“A paradise was born of the bloodstained Earth”.

“- Would she have wanted this?
- That doesn’t matter now.”

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Source: NeoGAF.