Then and Now: How great games have changed


Tomb Raider

Pristine polygon playgirl Lara Croft arrived in our lives to usher in a new era of world building brilliance. Gracefully gliding around any number of underground caverns whilst intermittently falling down insta-death spiked pits, she was a rich girl on an adventure, gunning down endangered species for a laugh whilst solving Indiana Jones style puzzles and being a bit busty.

After years in the wilderness Lara’s back where she started, almost. She’s got no choice in this adventure though, having been shipwrecked on a tropical isle. Using a bow and arrow to survive, a rudimentary XP system to gain abilities and dashed with some non-linear exploration it’s clear that Red Dead has a lot to answer for. So we’re excited to take our prim, young, and a little less busty, Lady Lara into the wild for a new adventure.