Is the PlayStation 3D TV any good? We get hands on with Sony’s SimulView display

At last year’s E3, Sony revealed its new PlayStation 3D Display – purpose built for all those pokey-eye enabled games that just had to be experienced in all their tri-dimensional glory. And then, as often seems to be the case, us Brits waited… and waited… and waited. The States got the bespoke tellybox last November, but it’s taken nearly a year for it to finally hit UK stores. So, now it’s here, has the wait been worth it?

Sitting at a petite 24”, it’s the perfect size for your bedroom, kitchen or even above the bath, if your gaming habits require you to be soaked in bubbles. It may boast an incredibly crisp full HD LCD display with LED backlighting, but it’s also the very first monitor to include Sony’s SimulView technology. Promising to rid the world of split-screen gaming, it means that once both players have donned a pair of the special 3D glasses (two pairs are included with the display) the screen delivers each player their very own display. No more checking out your mate’s screen and cheating. Well, technically you can just hit the power button on the glasses to switch views, but officially it’s off-limits to those of you with morals.

3d tv sony 3d glassesThe PlayStation-branded goggles contain Active Shutter 3D technology. Active 3D means full HD 1080p playback with no loss of resolution. And while we’re talking numbers, a slick 240hz refresh rate means a far smoother 3D experience. Plus, there’s no need to worry about finding batteries or recharging for hours either. Two sets of USB leads are included, and a mere three minutes of charge will set you up for three hours of playtime.

The display comes with Killzone 3 and Gran Turismo 5 in the box. We took GT5 for a spin to see the SimulView in action, and are pleased to confirm that it works surprisingly well – and it’s just a bit like instantly being in the future. The image is crisp and clear through the 3D glasses and, thankfully, there’s no sign of your opponent’s screen. Current SimulView-compatible games (on top of those packaged) are Motorstorm Apocalypse and Super Stardust HD, but more are promised to be in development. The SimulView itself sadly isn’t in 3D, but as a new way to play it’s an exciting step forward for social gaming. It’s an interesting use of the 3D glasses, and thankfully isn’t hindered by any colour loss, as can sometimes be the case when viewing 3D content.

Split-screen gaming is of course also possible in 3D, too, with a specific button on the display that scrolls through the various eye-prodding options, depending on the orientation that you prefer. It’s a nice touch, confirming that not only is the PlayStation 3D display a seriously sleek bit of kit, but it’s also made specifically for gamers.

With more than 30 games already supporting full 3D, it’s definitely time to consider the option. Recent titles include Uncharted 3, Batman: Arkham City and even House Of The Dead: Overkill – for all those times where you really want the undead spilling out into your living room. There’s no shortage of new games set to boast the tech, either, with the upcoming Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and LBP Karting slated to include it and make you look like Cyclops from X-Men when you pick up your DualShock. The only sticking point is the price: the best deal we found was £349 for a second hand one on Amazon.