Official PlayStation Magazine UK: New issue on sale now

You’ve got a choice this month with our spilt run cover featuring either Messi there on the wallet, or Need For Speed: Most Wanted as an alternative. Whatever you get on the front, though, there’s still the same top quality PlayStation content inside.

Heading up the magazine is our hands on with Sleeping Dogs. What’s Square Enix’s open world crime game all about? And is it any good? Well we’ve spent a few days shooting, punching and driving our way through it all to find out. Among the rest of the news we also try to find out what’s happened to The Last Guardian,  round up the best and worst gaming celebs and say an excited hello to one of the biggest game sequels you’ve never heard of.

This month’s previews kicks off with a look at WW13, and then piledrive into PlayStation All-Stars, Ni No Kuni, Darksiders 2 and plenty more. There are also 20 odd pages of the latest review to keep you on track with your gaming purchases. Not sure if you want to lay down the cash? Then read our opinion on it first.

The big news though this month is the The Hot 50, a 40 page feature covering the biggest games on the way to PlayStation in the near future. This isn’t just a made up list either, it’s been voted for by you the reader. You’ll never guess what’s number one. Nope, try again.

That’s only a taster of the news, previews, reviews, opinions and features packed into this month’s July issue. It’s in the shops now but if you don’t  fancy the paper edition then head over to Apple Newsstand and you can now pick up a digital copy of Official PlayStation Magazine UK for £3.99. There’s also a range of offers for 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions. You can also get Official PlayStation Magazine UK on Zinio too, so there’s a veritable wealth of electronic ways to enjoy OPM.