The best minis – 10 games for less than £30

1) Velocity

One of the latest Minis to grace the store, Velocity initially looks like a straight space shooter, but quickly reveals itself to be much more than your average bullet dodger. The ability to teleport through walls and around open spaces gives movement an entirely new dimension, transforming Velocity into a shooter/puzzling gem. A sleek, classic arcade style might convince you this is dated, but it’s far from it.  £3.99


2) Floating Cloud God

As a floating deity, you’ll strive to protect your loyal followers in Floating Cloud God. Letting them come to harm will lead to your own demise, while keeping them safe results in a self-affirming show of love-heart gratitude. Vibrant colours, inventive enemy types and a consistent level of charm makes this one of the best Minis available. Just keep those minions safe, OK? £2.49


3) Idiot Squad

As well as having one of the best names ever, Idiot Squad is one of the most unique, addictive and fleshed out games on this list. Your one objective is to get the sheep in the barn, navigating each map using directional pads. Whilst simple enough at first, stages quickly become devilishly complex, requiring a great amount of skill to get your sheep to safety. £3.19


4) Where is my Heart?

Where is my Heart is a brain buster. A 2D platformer that’s been cut into box segments and re-arranged in muddled formations on the screen, you have to figure out where you actually are in the world. Add in three playable characters on screen at once, just to complicate things further. Platforming is made intriguing with such an original topsy-turvy idea, and it deserves your immediate attention. £3.99


5) OMG-Z

OMG-Z gives you a handful of bullets to dispatch as many zombies as possible. Different enemy variants die in different ways, all to the detriment of the undead around them, so you have to exploit their explosive tendencies to fit your own tactical survivalist needs. There’s no learning curve – what you see at the start is what you’ll be playing at the end – but its fun enough to compel you for the duration. £2.49