Sleeping Dogs “not as large as previous True Crime games”. Focused on “gameplay density”

Sleeping Dogs True Crime Hong Kong

Speaking to OPM, design director Mike Scupa has said that Sleeping Dogs is, ”not as large as previous True Crime games” and instead focuses on “gameplay density”.

Sleeping Dogs was originally the third in the True Crime series before being dropped by Activision and then picked up by Square Enix. While most open world games are about creating large spaces Scupa told OPM that Sleeping Dogs has instead focused “on an environment that really catered to the strength of our gameplay”. Scupa explains, ”a large portion of our game takes place on foot and our driving is very action based, we really wanted to focus on a very streamlined and gameplay centric world layout”.

When asked about whether this meant focusing on detail over size, senior producer Jeff O’Connell maintained that their primary concern was “gameplay density”. He went on to say, “your character is very powerful, an action hero where you can do all these things [so] we didn’t want you to have to go too far to be able to do those things. We really tried to pack the island with many different kinds of stuff as possible.” Scupa adds, “I think our size is fairly competitive with other open world titles.”