PS3 firmware update v4.20 tweaks power settings and headset options

firmware update

The new PS3 firmware update v4.20 should be deploying later today. The main change will be a new power-save setting that switches the machine off after an hour of inactivity. There will also be changes to the headset options and data management.

If you want to leave your machine running for longer unattended you can change the power-save settings manually in the System Auto-Off part of the XMB.

This update also tweaks the headset sidetone feature. This lets you hear your own voice through the mic and 4.20 adds more volume options. You’ll also be able to enable a virtual surround sound functionality in wireless stereo headsets.

Finally will now be able to select, copy and delete multiple save files.

There’ll be more info at the EU Blog once the update is live.