Black Ops 2′s multiplayer, zombies & more. Mark Lamia on how Treyarch are “not iterating” COD

Black Ops 2 trailer analysis

OPM Is it difficult for you guys, giving up control in a way that you haven’t had to before – in order to allow for player behaviour and give them the power of choice?

ML The way we’re handling our choices, we’re still crafting both outcomes, so we’re able to create compelling gameplay on either side – no matter what choice a player takes, we’re able to create compelling gameplay. It’s just going to be different.

I think that’s going to be compelling, because I think it’ll motivate people to want to experience what would happen if, say, there was a life or death decision and [they] chose a different path. How would the story play out? Who might [they] be playing with?

OPM What was the number one request you had in the wake of the last game?

Black Ops 2 trailer analysisML On the campaign side, fans asked for more choice. We’ve had some great cinematic linear experiences in COD, but they’d like to have some more open gameplay. Our Zombies fans, well, they want more zombies. They literally want more zombies and they want more ways to play. They want bigger maps. They want even more interesting things to do inside these levels, so we’re crafting new worlds and creating new game modes.

On the multiplayer front, I think one of the things we’re paying attention to is that there’s a lot of very experienced COD multiplayer gamers who are very good at Prestige-ing. They want to play and compete with people, and to find and play with their friends more easily. We’re listening to that. We also hear from people who aren’t as adept or as skilled in multiplayer that they’d like to be able to compete or have a way to play where it’s maybe not as difficult to compete at times – so if they have a chance to build up their skill sets then they’ll compete – so we’re actually working to satisfy a broader range of both.

We believe that COD is incredibly fun to play with your friends or with somebody else online. And we think we can help people find and make that connection in the game through our matchmaking system – we want to help people do that. We also think the second most fun way to play COD, besides winning, is almost winning. We want to make more of those experiences, too, because those really close matches can be very satisfying as well.

OPM Strike Force seems like something that would work nicely in co-op…

ML Strike Force is an entirely new game mode that we’re introducing, and we’re totally focussed on making it fun and replayable inside of the campaign. You never know where these modes that we introduce go. At one point in time Zombies was just another mode, so you never know.