Resident Evil 6 4 player co-op: “brings together random pairs getting to the same section”

Resident Evil 6 co-op

Remember those Resident Evil 6 4 player co-op rumours? Well it’s a thing, with producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi announcing a new crossover system that lets players join up with randoms for four player boss battles in the main story campaign.

The example given is when Leon and Helena meet up with Jake and Sherry and get attacked by a creature called the Ustanak. If you’re playing an co-op game at the time you can chose to be paired randomly with another pair online to fight the BOW. Crossover apparently “brings together random pairs of friends who are simultaneously getting to the same section where different scenarios cross in the storyline”.

Hirabayashi says the system is optional. “Whenever you come to a chapter or a story section where there’s going to be a crossover, you get a little prompt asking if you want live players joining your game. If you feel like playing on your own or you don’t want to play with a guy you don’t know, you can go with the AI and it’ll be you and three other AI-controlled characters.”

Thanks EU Blog.