StarCraft Ghost multiplayer images surface after 7 years


Scans of a 2005 StarCraft Ghost leaflet detailing the PS2 game’s multiplayer have appeared online. The four pages show off classes like Zerglings, Ghosts, a range of vehicles plus two multiplayer modes and maps.

It’s probably the most famous game that never happened. StarCraft Ghost was originally announced for PS2 in 2005 but has been in various stages of indefinite hold/canceled/may have all been a dream all along, ever since. Much like whispers of a PS3 Diablo it’s perma-stuck in Blizzard’s neither happening or not happening development hell. Although it’s probably safe to assume it’s so dead right now. The shooter was a third person spin off of the famous strategy game and starred the near mythical Nova above. Click right to see the rest of the screens.

Thanks Reddit.