Official PlayStation Magazine UK: New issue on sale now


Another month, another issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK hits the shops. This month we’ve got a huge hands on and interview for Hitman: Absolution; we chat to the Crystal Dynamic devs about making life hard for Lara in the new Tomb Raider, and we visit Visceral Games to see loads of Dead Space 3.


Hitman Absolution

The good news this month is that Hitman: Absolution is everything a Hitman game should be: dark humour, inventive murders and imaginative stealthy gameplay. I spent time with two of the levels from the game popping targets and trying on clothes, as well as interviewing producer Luke Valentine and director Tore Blystad.

Tomb Raider PS3

More developer access this month as we chat to Crystal Dynamic’s Karl Stuart about killing Lara Croft. A lot. We talk to Stuart about about why Lara’s in for a pretty rough ride this time with Tomb Raider’s darker, nastier feel, and see several ways the rebooted heroine can kick the bucket.

Euros FIFA 12

In the interests of science we’ve been experimenting with FIFA 12, using EAs footy magic to decide who’s going to win the Euros. We’ve recreated every fixture and played the results through to discover the winner of this year’s competition. Where that octopus now?

Dead Space 3

There are lot of changes coming to the third installment of this spacey zombie shocker. We’ve been to see Visceral Games and interview the devs to discover why, despite the new features, this is still the best survival horror game out there.

As well as all that we’ve got plenty of news, including a review of the new PlayStation 3D monitor, we meet the real Lollipop Chainsaw and discuss whether it’s game over for Resident Evil. We’ve also got the definitive word on reviews, and the latest previews including PES 2013, Sleeping Dogs, Dishonered FIFA 13 and loads more.

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