Are Metal Gear Solid 5′s actors “in military training”? Guns & ammo suggest older setting

MGS5 Metal Gear Solid 5 development

Hideo Kojima has tweeted that “This afternoon, actors were in military training” along with an image of guns. The hardware on display suggest Metal Gear Solid might be prepping up for mo-cap.

While it’s hard to say for sure, the ammo and handguns all look older, suggesting an earlier time period. It’s possible that it could simply be the equipment used but Kojima is a big fan of military training before game development so this could well be the gear appearing in the game.

Kojima has several projects on the go with Metal Gear Solid 5 announced apparently by a job add.  There’s also Project Ogre although Kojima has said that involves an actual ogre, making a military spin less likely. He’s also spoken about a new family/emotional project but that’s currently just an idea.

Unless he’s prepping a more elaborate FOX Engine demo then the evidence then suggests that Metal Gear Solid 5 is prepping up for production and the guns on display do seem to suggest the rumoured 60-70′s setting.