Assassin’s Creed 3 dev walkthrough features “historical exploding barrels” & 9 other facts



Here’s Assassin’s Creed 3 director Alex Hutchinson with a walkthrough of recent gameplay. As well as pointing out the ‘historical exploding barrels’ he points out a few more things you need to know about the game.

There are stalking zones. These are areas of undergrowth where you auto-stealth. They’re used to hunt both animals and people.

The game features 24 different species – animals are both objects that can be traded and quest items.

All maps have summer and winter weather seasons. Winter affects gameplay, slowing Conner down and encouraging him to climb.

Crowd is a key piller. There are are still plenty of people to meet, with Ubi trying to make people more unique. They will also be a source of opportunities like side quests – hunting and fetching meat, for example. Characters will also have more purpose, like soldiers independently attacking a fort during a misson.

Connor is always dual wielding. Basically he always has a weapon available to each hand.

Firing lines need to be avoided. Gun carrying enemies form organised military firing lines. You can dodge them using other people as a ‘meat shield’.

Enemies now attack together. There’s no more one-at-a-time fighting. Combat also now takes place on uneven terrain.

Movement is more organic. As well as being able to slide down slopes, climbing lets you not only integrate tree and mountain navigation but move freely rather then use prescribed handholds.

It’s a bit Deus Ex-y. There are three routes into the fort used in the demo, with the one chosen being described as “the stealth route”.