Jessica Nigri cosplay gallery: ‘Juliet is the best heroine’

Winner of the Lollipop Chainsaw Juliet Starling competition, Jessica Nigri has been touring the world armed with a giant heart covered chainsaw. Fighting off fourteen other Juliet wannabes for the role, Nigri loves the zombie slaying cheerleader. “My favourite costume to cosplay so far? It would have to be Juliet Starling!,” she says happily, “She’s just so fun and bubbly and she has a massive chainsaw to kick some serious booty with!┬áJuliet’s tough and strong but sweet and kind! She’s the best kind of heroine!”

Not just a cosplayer but also a massive gamer, Nigri has been playing her Vita as she is travelling between conventions: “I’m playing Ninja Gaiden and Marvel Vs Capcom. Finished Uncharted on the Vita too but I’m going back to get all the trophies!”

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Photography courtesy of 12NorthPhotography