David Cage’s E3 Beyond interview: “Don’t talk about quick time events!”

David cage E3 interview

David Cage has brushed away talk of quick time controlled cinematics in Beyond: Two Souls, saying the “prompts [are] more like God of War”. He emphasised full player control over Jodie as opposed to “just playing the prompts” in Heavy Rain, while also talking about the game’s sandbox elements.

Speaking at an E3 Q&A Cage said, “Don’t talk about quick times events. It’s not so much about quick time events”. He made it clear that Beyond is a fully controllable experience akin to a traditional action game. “In Heavy Rain, where Jayden was chased for example, you were just playing the prompts. He was running on his own, he was choosing his path on his own, you were just choosing prompts. Here, when she’s in the forest, you’re in control of Jodie. When she runs on the slope, when she runs on the train, wherever she is, you’re in control all the time and the prompts are used much more like in a game like God of War”.

This more open gameplay is part of Cage’s overall ambitions for Beyond. “What I’m trying to create is a story in which you feel you’re free, and each time you do something, there’s a logical consequence to your actions. There’s much more of a sandbox to it. It’s less driven, it’s little bit more open.”

While talking about the chase sequence in Beyond: Two Souls’ E3 gameplay Cage reiterated that the player could have run anywhere within the playable space, rather than watching a cut scene on tracks. This freedom means the experience will be a more open experience both interms of exploration and narrative. ”What we showed you is just one walk through; it’s one version of the scene. Depending on how you play you will see many different things. You can get arrested and unlock an entirely new part of the scene that you have not seen yet. It’s not about succeeding or failing it’s about what you do, what you decide what you chose, you will have consequences in your life”.