Criterion: “Burnout’s not going away”

It’s four years since we last saw a fully-fledged Burnout game on PS3, (excluding PSN title Burnout Crash) and with Criterion making two Need For Speed titles in a row it’s been a quiet time for their flagship series. But that doesn’t mean it’s gone forever – speaking to OPM today at E3 2012, the company’s executive producer confirmed that it definitely isn’t dead.

When asked if the Burnout number plate on one of the cars available in Need For Speed Most Wanted’s E3 build signified and end to the series on the current platform, Webster responded:

“Burnout’s certainly not going away, no.”

Criterion’s current project, Need For Speed Most Wanted 2, was announced at EA’s E3 2012 conference, and it’s set for an October 30th release date. Its most recent NFS title Hot Pursuit went down very well with OPM.

Watch the E3 build of Most Wanted 2 below: