PS Vita to control PS3 games with LBP2 cross controller DLC. Is the future touch controlled?

PS Vita PS3 cross controller LBP 2

LittleBigPlanet 2 will be getting cross-controller DLC that will enable you to play the PS3 game using the PS Vita. You’ll be able to use Vita’s touchscreen and motion controls to “play create and share”, while the screen will offer an alternate view of the game.

Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton made the announcement at Sony’s E3 conference stating that, “PlayStation continues to invest heavily in cross platform features”.

The DLC will be out later this year. Tretton said at the show that, “Utilising dual screen gaming in single player, Vita becomes an enhanced controller for the PS3. Enabling front and rear touch, and tilt capabilities, while adding another gaming dimensions that provide different viewpoints on PS3 and PS Vita. The cross-controller DLC will also enable simultaneous multiplayer on PS3 and Vita. It’ll give each player their own controls and perspective but working towards the same objective. The New DLC will offer a new story mode, new costumes, sticker and new objects.”

LittleBigPlanet 2 gameplay.