Assassin’s Creed 3: 6 jaw-dropping gameplay moments from E3 2012

4. Brutally murdering a wolf because shut up, that’s why Okay, so the wolf in question’s probably about to make a new favourite toy out of Connor’s jugular, but wasn’t there a more humane way he could have done it? We’ve heard they run away if you kick them in the head – worthy a try, Connor? No? Well, it’s a good excuse to show off your beast-killing chops and new animations at least. Very impressive. Now give the poor thing a good Christian burial before the vultures get a whiff.


5. Going postal on the red coats Now this is the AC we remember – an artery-demolishing ballet full of fancy moves, counters and flamboyant finishes. When Connor finally does let loose on the guards, the devs don’t even need to drop a dubstep track over the sound – we can hear it already. Top-notch, characterful combat animations have long been the calling-card of Assassin’s, and it doesn’t look like number three’s about to break the tradition.


6. The jump-kill “Wheeeeee!” Connor would be saying, if he said things like that, which he absolutely never does. Still, however serious he is about clearing out a fort full of those darned red coats, we’re not convinced that he wasn’t just d*cking around a little bit when he decided to kill a guy by leaping down onto him from easily fifteen feet. It certainly looked fun anyway, and the more opportunity to use the environment as a weapon, the better.