Sine Mora coming to PS Vita

Sine Mora's arrival on PS Vita is great news for shmup fans

Sine Mora, the former XBLA-only shoot-‘em-up from Suda51, is being released for PlayStation Vita – and with exclusive new content. The news will be revealed tonight at Sony’s E3 press conference, but co-developer Digital Reality has confirmed the announcement to us – and given us an exclusive Sine Mora first hands-on with the game.

The bullet hell shooter, which released to widespread acclaim in March, was co-developed by Digital Reality and Suda51’s Grasshopper Manufacture was announced back in August 2010 as a PSN and XBLA title, but as recently as December last year it was confirmed that it was to be a Microsoft exclusive. Until now.

The game is currently scheduled to release before the end of June (date as yet unspecified), and will come with an exclusive guest character from Japanese development studio G.rev. The developer, known for its shoot-‘em-ups such as Border Down and Under Defeat, has given Sine Mora a new playable character from the latter: Wilhelmine Muller.

Her inclusion also means a brand new special weapon and set of ‘chronomes’ – the game’s name for the ship combinations you can select from – opening up new gameplay possibilities…and headaches for completionists everywhere.

The game should be with us by the end of the month. For now, read our exclusive Sine Mora hands-on preview to know why you should be very excited for the game’s arrival on PlayStation.