Hitman HD Collection outed by online retailer, release date announced

[Update: Here's the official work from Square Enix on the Hitman HD Trilogy, release date February 1st.]

Italian retailer 16games has spilled the beans on Hitman HD Collection – Hitman Contracts, Silent Assassin and Conrtacts all in one box. As if that wouldn’t be enough to raise publisher Square Enix’s collective blood pressure, 16games has revealed the release date for Hitman HD Collection, too.

Hitman HD Collection’s penned in for an October 15 release date, according to the Italian store.

Momentum’s been gathering for Square Enix’s upcoming Hitman Absolution in recent weeks, culminating in yesterday’s nuns and guns trailer, which no doubt brought a tear to Germaine Greer’s eye. It appears to be an opportune time to whet the stealth gaming community’s appetite for more Hitman by releasing Agent 47′s greatest hits on PS3.

Thanks CVG.