GTA 5′s online secrets: the multiplayer & potential DLC discussed

GTA 4 did have a free mode but that was an enclosed set up that simply let you and a few friends cause havoc in the city until you got bored and loaded up an actual game mode. Taking on Red Dead’s structure could see GTA 5 using Los Santos itself as an online lobby as you drive around picking up other players and choosing missions by visiting in-game areas or characters. Maybe that four in the trailer have some work for you…?

One GTA 5 rumour has mentioned forming ‘gangs’ and building up ‘rep’ which ties into Houser’s talk of Payne’s crews. Maybe we could see a persistant world filled with ongoing feuds over territories and cash between rival crews, all played out across Los Santos through narrative driven competitive and co-op objectives. In another IGN interview Dan Houser says, “I think there’s something really interesting in the open world experience. It feels that we’re only scratching the surface of that potential.”

GTA 5 PS3 screensSpeaking to Gamasutra Houser also talked about what he’d learned from the DLC for both Grand Theft Auto 4 and Red Dead Redemption. He replied, “The two key lessons we learned were that if you want a vibrant multiplayer community, you have got to provide content frequently and fairly quickly after release, which we tried to do with Red Dead.”

He also talks about the two GTA 4 episodes saying, “from a creative standpoint, [they] were absolutely fantastic. We are very, very, very proud of them. And we are kind of compelled due to various other business factors to make them that size. But something at $20 for DLC, maybe $10 is a more exciting price point”. If that’s how Houser’s thinking it suggests the plan for GTA 5 could be to provide something substantial from the off and then updating it quickly, with smaller, cheaper pieces of content.

That would allow the “strong narrative” Houser says to be so important to be built up without muddying the main story with multiple characters. Something else he told IGN while speaking about Max Payne 3′s online modes was this: “We wanted to keep the sense of competition that comes from multiplayer but we wanted a better sense of character, rather than just being a faceless member of an army. Players feel attached to their character [and] tied into the universe of the single-player game. Every round of Gang Wars tells you more about the world… either what the city’s factions were doing before, or what happened after the events of the single-player game.”

Tie Max Payne 3′s crews, Red Dead’s open world lobby and Houser’s quotes and it sounds like GTA 5′s online offering could see you taking custom characters into an online mode that ties into and expands the main game without interfering. The fact a bunch of GTA 5 cars leaked through shared Max Payne 3 code could suggest a link between the two. Could that be shared online or networking resources? What’s been said on DLC also suggest we could be seeing expansion packs soon and regularly after release.

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