Assassin’s Creed 3 and Ghost Recon on Vita?

Big things are headed to PS Vita, according to game listings on online retailers GAME and Zavvi’s store pages. Both Assassin’s Creed 3 and Ghost Recon: Final Mission have been ‘revealed,’ presumably much to Publisher Ubisoft’s ire.

Ubi’s premier time-skipping sneak ‘em up is pencilled in for an October 31st release date, one day after the proposed PS3 arrival. Maybe it’s all just some bizzarre cover art mixup between Ubisoft and Zavvi?

Unlikely. Ubisoft has made noise about an expansion into the handheld realm for the franchise, but previously it hasn’t specified whether we’d be getting a bespoke episode for PS Vita or simply a portable version of AC III.

Now here’s more of an eyebrow raiser: an actual bespoke episode of Ghost Recon for PS Vita, due out ‘TBA 2012′:

With the success of Ghost Recon Future soldier (which we liked rather a lot when we reviewed it) Ubisoft’s keen to expand onto other platforms, and judging by the title it looks like this will be a brand new outing for the Ghosts. You’ll have to wait until ‘TBA 2012′ to play it, but expect more on this and Assassin’s Creed Vita during E3.

Thanks to Eurogamer.