David Cage: “Killing is not the definition of interactivity. We are an industry in desperate need of innovation”

David Cage has been talking about Heavy Rain, Kara and game design in an interview with Gamasutra. In it he says “I don’t like game mechanics as such. I don’t think that’s the only way to create interactivity”.

According to Cage, “There are other ways. Destroying or killing is not the ultimate definition of interactivity. Changing something in your environment, talking to someone, feeling something, making a meaningful decision – this is interactivity, too. And it’s just as meaningful and interesting.”

Speaking about the various reactions to the game he had this to say, “There were people becoming very defensive about what Heavy Rain was. Because it was not a game about challenge, it was not a game about shooting, then for some people was not a game at all. As if destroying zombies or killing monsters was the ultimate definition of what video games should be. And I think no, that’s just a part of what games can be, but it’s certainly not games in general.”

The best way to break out of this mindset according to Cage is “more silly concepts”. He states, “I think we are an industry in desperate need of innovation, so we need more new ideas and more silly concepts. Trying new things is very important.”

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