PS3 BBC sports app, Black Ops 2 endings and Reality Fighter tips: PlayStation round up 19/5/12

Black Ops 2 PS3 screens

The PS3 BBC sports app, Black Ops 2 endings and Reality Fighter tips are just some of the PlayStation stories rounded up in our PS3 focused collection of articles from around the Sony network.

Weekend Essentials 126 - Wow the world in PixelJunk 4am, help Max Payne rise again and play the original Deus Ex with PlayStation this weekend.

New Portable IDs from the PlayStation Community - Give your Portable ID a new look with these brand new themes inspired by PlayStation Vita and designed by the PlayStation Community.

Top Tips: Reality Fighters - Become the ultimate Reality Fighter with these handy hints from the game’s producer, Mitsuo Hirakawa.

Trophy Cabinet: Dead Space 2 - Escape the horrors of The Sprawl with a platinum trophy courtesy of this advice from the PlayStation Community.

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We interview Treyarch boss Mark Lamia to find out about Black Ops 2′s multiple endings.

It’s wish list time with 25 PS2 games we want in HD. Any of your favorites in there?

Here are some top tips for Mortal Kombat on the PS Vita. FINISH THEM.

Find out all about Sly Cooper Thieves In Time on PS Vita and the portable extras like PS3 transferable saves and touchscreen controls.

See the latest The Last Of Us trailer and find out more about Joel’s and Ellie’s life after the mushroom apocalypse.

Find out all about Move music creator PixelJumk 4am here.

There’s a new PS3 BBC sports app that’ll sit on your XMB and keep you up to date with all things sporty.